Gatotkaca New Skin | Sentinel Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

Gatotkaca New Skin | Sentinel Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

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3T22 Outdoor Warning Siren Manual Test, Attack (Fire) and Growl - Casar, NC 5/8/17

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Recorded on May 8, 2017. This is a video of a mid 1960's Federal Sign and Signal 3T22 sounding attack (fire) and growl for manual tests. This siren is a single phase model (3T22B). This siren is owned by the fire department, not the county. But this siren's radio is hooked up to Cleveland County Emergency Management's warning siren system. Please note that the fire department allowed these manual tests to be conducted on that evening. The reason why the manual test was conducted because I wanted to see if this siren can do hi-lo, but this siren failed to do hi-lo due to flasher (that cycles the solenoid boxes, is located in siren's cabinet controller) failed to activate. This results one solenoid box to close the top damper. The ending of the video shows what's failing in the siren's controller.

On June 3, 2017, I tried to record this siren for its regular monthly test, but the county did not test the siren system for almost no reason.

This siren is located in Casar, North Carolina at Casar Volunteer Fire Department.

Cleveland County, NC Siren Map:

Recorded by a Panasonic HC-V180

Grangemouth semi annual warning siren test - Hörmann ECN verbal instructions/attack/all clear 😆🚨🔊

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Grangemouth is an industrial town in Scotland which has a huge refinery/petrohemical plant and this is one of the Hörmann ECN sirens they use in case of an emergency at the plant. There are about 12 Hörmann sirens in total, some dual tone ones within the refinery grounds and the rest mainly single toned are strategically placed around Grangemouth. This one is at a store distribution centre and small industrial estate about a mile from the refinery but it's the only one I could get really close to. My phone kept exceeding the storage limit so the video is in sections that I joined up so it jumps a couple times lol unfortunately I missed the wind down on the attack as my phone cut again but at the end of the all clear you can hear the other sirens wind down in the distance. I turn the camera to myself a couple times to try show my exitment but I forgot it was zoomed in so you only see half my face lol 😆 Hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording my first proper siren video! 😀

"Sick" Sentry 16V1T-B, Full Attack: Petersburg, Indiana (Pike Co. Tornado Siren Test, HD)

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16V1T, Prides, Creek, Lake

Skip to 2:39 to hear this siren, otherwise enjoy the ambience of the background sirens.

This is a monthly test of Pike County's Weather Warning System. Tests are usually conducted on the first Friday of the month at 12 Noon EST (11:00 CST). With the exclusion of Petersburg's three Whelen 2750s, sirens in Pike County are controlled by, I believe, the central dispatch and run a three minute attack cycle.

This siren is located at Prides Creek Lake near Petersburg, Indiana. It was installed about a year ago under a grant. The last I heard this siren (before the 2750 went off in August) I noticed that this siren sounded much more lower pitched than back in April. This is the clearest sounding siren you can hear in my "16V1T-B Ambience" video I posted a while back and it sounded very great. Now, for some reason it sounds lower pitched than it usually is.

Location of THIS Siren

Pike County, Indiana: Outdoor Warning Siren Map

South-Western Indiana Sirens (This is siren #6.14 on map) (Collaborated)

The video was recorded on a Sony Handycam HDR-CX130

Siren | Season 1, Episode 1: Ryn's Mermaid Transformation | Freeform

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freeform, television, shows, channel, network, episodes, ABC, Disney, Abc Family, siren, Mermaid, #mermaid, mermaidss, 2018, bristol cove, alex roe, ben, ryn, eline powell, fola evans-akingbola, maddie, ian verdun, xander, rena owen, helen, eric wald, dean white, emily whitesell, brad luff, nate hopper, rd robb, mystery, ocean, coast, Mermaid Transformation, Episode 1

Don't miss Siren, Thursdays at 8/7c on Freeform.


About SIREN:
“Siren” takes us inside Bristol Cove—a coastal town known for its legend of once being home to mermaids. When the arrival of a mysterious girl proves this folklore all too true, the battle between man and sea takes a very vicious turn as these predatory beings return to reclaim their right to the ocean. The series stars Alex Roe (“The 5th Wave”) as Ben, a bright marine biologist who finds himself drawn to a mysterious new girl in town, Ryn, played by Eline Powell (“Game of Thrones”), who is a strange young woman with a deep dark secret. Fola Evans-Akingbola (“An American Exorcism”) stars as Maddie, also a marine biologist who works with Ben, and is highly suspicious of Ryn. Ian Verdun (“Life’s a Drag”) stars as Xander, a deep sea fisherman on a quest to uncover the truth; and Rena Owen (“Star Wars” Episodes II and III) as Helen, the town eccentric who seems to know more about the mermaids than she lets on. Based on a story by Eric Wald and Dean White who both serve as executive produces. Emily Whitesell (“Finding Carter”) is on board as Showrunner and Executive Producer. Brad Luff, Nate...

00:04:52July 23, 2015, 7:17 am

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AP Archive, 97061, 60bd8f96bad44c5fb525298cddbbd81c, IRAQ: THIRD NIGHT AIR OFFENSIVE ON IRAQ, Baghdad, United States, Iraq, Middle East, General news, Lifestyle

A series of thunderous explosions rocked Baghdad before dawn Saturday as U-S and British forces pressed a punishing air offensive on Iraq for a third night.
Reporters on Baghdad rooftops saw fiery streaks from what appeared to be Tomahawk cruise missiles speeding across the sky in descending arcs and landing in giant fireballs.
The sound of warheads exploded a few seconds late, lighting the pre-dawn horizon in red glow that silhouetted palm trees against the dark sky.
Iraqi anti-aircraft gunners on roof-tops opened fire, filling the sky with booms and bright red flashes.
Bright orange tracer bullets streaked across the night sky.
When the attack ended, ambulances or fire trucks with sirens blaring were heard speeding away.
Officials, who must escort journalists wishing to tour the city, refused to take them to the targeted areas.
The attack appeared the most severe and dramatic on Baghdad since U-S and British forces began airstrikes early on Thursday to punish Iraq for its alleged obstruction of U-N weapons inspectors searching for the country's weapons of mass destruction.
Before Saturday's attack, the United States fired nearly 300 Tomahawk cruise missiles from ships in the Gulf or by B-52 bomber...

Whelen Vortex R4, Full Attack/Wail: Martinsville, IN (Morgan Co. Tornado Siren Test, HD)

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Tornado Siren, Tornado Siren Test, Civil Defense Siren, Air Raid Siren, Whelen 4004, Whelen Vortex, Whelen 3016, Whelen 2809, Whelen 2750, Whelen Hornet, Federal Signal 2001, 2001-SRN, 2001-SRNB, 2001-130, 2001-DC, Modulator Siren, ATI HPSS-16R, Sentry 3V8

Copyright 2017, Brandon Mendel (Please use with permission).
Originally Recorded 7/28/2017

Over the summer I tried something different and drove up to Morgan County. Unlike surrounding areas, Morgan tests the last Friday of the month instead of the first. I was here back in March, but the siren on the south part of town failed. Doubting it was fixed, I instead drove to the city park. Not to mention, the environment was quieter. No major highways in sight. Maybe just a couple people walking their dogs. That was it.

Once 11AM hit, the sirens closer in town went off for a full cycle of attack/wail. This one, silent. How frustrating, and a waste of gas. I was going to get the drone out, but I felt that it was going to ruin the ambience; the only usable footage I'd get...or so I thought. Just as the sirens in town shut off, I decided to start shutting down. As I was just about to hit stop, I heard something faint come from my scanner and then the siren went off and I jumped like maybe ten feet or more. I also learned there's other Whelen's activated on this separate system. Seems like they were coming from the east. I'll need to find those soon!

Enjoy, and as always comment, like, and subscribe for more. Thanks!

B&N Mobil Directo Siren (Milwaukee, WI) Alert and ATTACK

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mobil, directo, siren, aca, b&n, american, signal, alert, attack, tornado, test, warning, single, tone, gas, powered, milwaukee, wisconsin, county, southeast, trump, giannis, lebron, james, emergency, climate, change, full, throttle, monster, extreme, new

Here is a new video of the lone Mobil Directo siren in Milwaukee. Enjoy!

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Sentry 40V2T, Short Alert & Attack: Evansville, IN (Vanderburgh Co. Tornado Siren Test, HD)

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Tornado Siren, Tornado Siren Test, Civil Defense Siren, Air Raid Siren, Sentry 40V2T, Sentry 16V1T-B, Whelen 2750 Petersburg, Sentry 15V1T, Sentry 10V1T, Sentry 3V8, Sentry 7V8, Federal Signal 2001, 2001-SRN, ASC T-128, ASC T-121, RM-130, Sentry 14V, 3T22, 2T22, Cyclone

Copyright 2016, Brandon Mendel (Please use with permission).
Originally Recorded 9/2/2016

Earlier this month I met up with a few other enthusiasts to redo this beast of a siren. I met Chris Brewington and Nick Metts for the first time, and surprisingly Ian Tate joined in as well whom I haven't seen in forever. It sounded just as good as it did since the last time I was here (which may have been almost four or five years ago I think). Sometimes, Evansville tests funny or the sirens don't catch the tones so I was hoping it would get stuck in attack like it did a couple years ago. Unfortunately, we weren't that lucky, but I might try again from time to time.

Evansville has been replacing some radios lately which you'll hear in my scanner audio. There's now two systems that activate with two-tone and DTMF signals. This one has the older radio and listens for two-tone.

Enjoy, and as always comment, like, and subscribe for more. Thanks!


Twitter: @dsrx100 (

First United States nuclear attack siren warning in Hawaii

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This is the first nuclear siren warning drill since the cold war. If it was real, everybody here would die in heaven on earth.

Nuclear Attack Siren | SOUND EFFECTNuclear Attack Siren | SOUND EFFECT
00:02:02September 28, 2018, 3:01 pm
Nuclear Attack Siren | SOUND EFFECT

Channel: Darkieblu Moonlight & Total View: 920

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Federal Signal STL-10 Fire Siren Test Attack Signal

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Federal Signal Corporation, STL-10 Siren, Siren, siren test, Avilla IN, STH-10 Siren, Thunderbolt Siren, 7 port siren, fire siren, loud, storm siren

Such an epic test, me and Burns hit up our 2nd STL of the evening. This one can be seen just east of SR 3, on the radio, the FD could be heard saying stand by for the fire test. Avilla as you can recall also has an STH-10

Mermaids attack : Pirates of the Carribean 4Mermaids attack : Pirates of the Carribean 4
00:03:55September 22, 2012, 6:01 am
Mermaids attack : Pirates of the Carribean 4

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LoveSoundtrackOnair, Movies, Soundtrack, Sub-Thai, Pirates, Jack, Caribbean, Captain, Mermaids, attack, the, Carribean, 4Captain, (sports), Johnny

Mermaids attack : Pirates of the Carribean 4

My 2001-130 Tornado Siren, Attack (Take Cover) Activations for Tornado Warning - Greer, SC 11/30/16

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LOTS (and LOTS) of info is in this description!
This happened in the afternoon on November 30, 2016 in Greer, South Carolina. This is a video of my 2001-130 tornado siren sounding attack ("take cover") twice for the tornado warning.

I did not expect my place to be issued a tornado warning! I rushed fast as I could with my father's John Deere Gator 4X2 to get to the 2001-130 tornado siren to sound it off for its first emergency! This siren sounded for about 2 minutes. Sorry for the short video clips on the first activation. My father had camera issue and wasn't expecting me to sound the tornado siren. (My area never gets a tornado warning.)

The second tornado warning was half expected because how later it got (and I had a feeling it will). I originally expected another tornado warning to be issued at 5:00pm. But it was actually issued 7 minutes before 5:00pm. The video camera was luckily ready 2 minutes before the second tornado warning was issued. I rushed to the tornado siren again to sound it off. But I didn't mean to sound the tornado siren for over 4 minutes.

The camera videoed the 2001-130 tornado siren 2nd activation in distance and also videoed the best part of the severe thunderstorm. But I apologize for...

Federal Signal 500AT Tornado Siren in Attack.Federal Signal 500AT Tornado Siren in Attack.
00:03:41March 7, 2012, 1:33 pm
Federal Signal 500AT Tornado Siren in Attack.

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Tornado, Air, Raid, Outdoor, Warning, Siren, Kansas

It has trouble rotating in the beginning but fixes it's self after the first minute. This 500AT is located ontop of the Vetern's Administration (VA) Hospital in Topeka, Kans. It was originally owned and operated by Shawnee County but after they updated their new system, this siren remained silent. The VA decided to buy new controls for it and have Shawnee County continue to operate it. Thus, this siren is owned by the VA Hospital but Shawnee County still sounds it for tests, tornado warnings and non-weather related emergencies.

Shawnee County test the sirens every monday at noon, however on the First Monday of the month they are tested in Attack.

Federal Signal 508, Attack: Nashville, TN (Davidson Co. Tornado Siren Test, HD)

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Nashville (City/Town/Village), Federal Signal Corporation (Business Operation), Civil Defense Siren, Tornado Siren Test, 508 Siren, 2001-130 Siren, Eclipse 8 Siren, Modulator Siren, Davidson County (US County), Tornado (Disaster Type), 2001-SRN, 2001-SRNB, 2001-DC, Tornado Siren

Copyright 2014, Brandon Mendel (Please use with permission).
Originally Recorded 9/6/2014
*First Tennessee siren (yay)

This is a monthly test of Nashville, Tennessee's Metro Tornado Warning Siren System. The sirens are tested the first Saturday of the month, promptly at 12 Noon. As you may already know, back during their old system of ATIs the sirens tested for about 30 seconds in an ineffective steady tone at 1000Hz. Now, the sirens run a minute in attack; far more effective.

This 508 is located at Gower Elementary School on Old Hickory Blvd. Outer parts of Nashville will usually have 508 sirens while inner parts, such as the downtown area, have Eclipse 8s. I had planned this trip out for awhile and was impressed that none of the sirens I recorded failed on me. That has happened in Paducah before which was kind of a waste of gas.

So, how does this new siren sound and how does it compare to others? Well, I can't say too much about it, mostly because this siren is mounted fairly high and it's running attack. I can only compare it to at least one T-128; the one I recorded in Montgomery, Indiana, a few times. Both are mounted high and usually run attack. Even though the T-128 and 508 share the same chopper assemblies, there...

My Thunderbolt 1000 Weekly Emergency Siren Test, Attack Signal 12/4/18

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Recorded on December 4, 2018. This is a weekly emergency siren test of my Spartanburg County Warning Siren (privately owned). This siren is tested every Tuesday at 12:00 PM ET. I finally got permission from Spartanburg County EMA to have my siren as the Spartanburg County Warning Siren (means I'm following the county's siren system, I still own and operate my siren). But the EMA also agrees to let me test my siren every Tuesday. The EMA liked that someone would use the siren to keep people safe for a dead county siren zone.

Recorded by a Panasonic HC-V180

Nuclear Attack Siren Honolulu December 1, 2017Nuclear Attack Siren Honolulu December 1, 2017
00:01:06December 1, 2017, 2:19 pm
Nuclear Attack Siren Honolulu December 1, 2017

Channel: Christiaan Phleger & Total View: 2246

Add Date: December 1, 2017, 2:19 pm & Duration: 00:01:06

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This video is about Nuclear Attack Siren Honolulu December 1, 2017

stop motion triblaster tornado siren test alert and attack.

Channel: broken solar panel & Total View: 2373

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triblaster, tri, blaster, triblaster tornado siren, tornado siren, tornado, siren, stop motion, stop, motion, claymation, clay mation, clay, mation, crude siren model, crude, model, crude model, paper siren, paper, origami siren, origami, triblaster siren, 2001 siren, 2001, 2-tone activation, 2 tone activation, 2-tone, 2 tone, activation, tone activation, tone, tornado siren test, siren test, test, storm siren, storm, alarm, alert, attack, deactivate

i made a very crude and probably not to scale mini model of the triblaster siren. for the horns i just used pieces of plastic drinking straws. the real triblaster (if there ever is one, which is very unlikely) horns would be more horn shaped. and then i synthed a triblaster (12\10\9 port) siren sound from a video of a 2001 doing alert, then attack. then i took the 2-tone activation sound from another video and put it in the triblaster synth. credit for the original 2001 siren sound and 2-tone activation sound go to their rightful owners.

Panic on the streets as siren warns of attack, air defence systems deploy

Channel: AP Archive & Total View: 340978

Add Date: August 3, 2015, 4:19 am & Duration: 00:00:40

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AP Archive, 2011906, 19ee0d8fe7895efdb8a1a24dcb199fd8, Middle East Tel Aviv, Israel, Tel Aviv, Gaza Strip, Middle East, Palestinian territories, General news

Residents of Tel Aviv ran for shelter on Tuesday, as a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip was intercepted near the city, the military said.
Air raid sirens went off in the city, which is Israel's commercial capital and about 70 kilometres (45 miles) north of the Gaza Strip.
The Israeli military says the rocket was intercepted by Israel's "Iron Dome" defence system.
The rocket attack is the deepest strike by Palestinian militants since Israel launched an offensive in the Gaza Strip earlier on Tuesday.

You can license this story through AP Archive:
Find out more about AP Archive:

Air Raid siren...attack mode.Air Raid siren...attack mode.
00:01:24June 2, 2014, 1:19 pm
Air Raid siren...attack mode.

Channel: atticboy11 & Total View: 54470

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Air raid, nuclear, world war 2, Siren, ROC, Cold War, WW2, Attack, Warning, Carter, UKWMO, Loud, Deafening, Crazy, Radiation, Fall out, Thunderbolt, 3 phase, Tornado, Hurricane, Horn, Tusnami, air raid siren, civil defense siren, nuclear war, ww2, train horn, super loud, soviet union, flood, bomb, nuclear fall out, warning, tornado, secret, attack, code, tusnami, blitz, atomic, awesome, decibels, radiation, weapon, battlefield, prank, federal signal 2t22, federal signal thunderbolt, 3t22, victory siren

My WW 2 Carter Air raid siren being run up in Kingsbury Square, Aylesbury. If the old fella with the camera wasn't deaf already....he is now..... :-/ If you are interested in owning one of these, please contact me at [email protected]

FS Thunderbolt 1000T Attack Siren Test Bloomington, IL 3-7-17

Channel: TommyBNSF & Total View: 24146

Add Date: March 7, 2017, 9:22 pm & Duration: 00:05:05

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YouTube Editor

Siren starts at 1:28.

Siren: FS Thunderbolt 1000T, 2 RPM, 597/715 Hz
Town: Bloomington, IL
Location: Northbound Business 51 and Stewart St.
Test Time: 1st Tuesday of every month 10 AM
Cycle: 3 minutes of attack

Other notes: The main course for this 1st Tuesday. I decided to get away from Exelon sirens and go south for once, and it worked beautifully. I recorded this 1000T in person, and I left my Sony at a 1000 west of this Bolt.

For some reason, the southern sirens in Bloomington did not go off the alert portion of the test, and before this winds up, you can hear T-128s to the north, and another 1000T to the east. But I'm grateful that this thing went off in attackackackack.

This will once again be my last 1st Tuesday Illinois siren test until December, but not to worry; I will still do plenty of Ohio and Indiana tests in the coming months, hopefully way more than last year. I also have one more siren video from this day besides the 2 Bolts.

Bloomington and Normal's siren systems consists of many T-128s, several Thunderbolt 1000s and 1000Ts, a few 2T22s, and a couple of 2001s.

Sentry Siren: 20V2T, Attack Ambiance - Lebanon, Indiana

Channel: squiddy7863 & Total View: 3527

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Lebanon (City/Town/Village), Sentry Siren, Indiana (US State), severe weather awareness week, tornado drill, siren test, tornado siren test, sentry 20v2t, Boone County (US County), siren ambiance, attack, sirens in attack, Silent Hill (Film), siren attack ambiance, attack ambiance, United States Of America (Country), tornado warning, Harney Elementary School, siren activation

This is a recording of around 6-7 of Lebanon, Indiana's Sentry Siren 20V2Ts. This was recorded from Harney Elementary School on the West side of Lebanon. This was recorded during the evening test of the 2015 Indiana Severe Weather Awareness Week tornado drill at 7:45. Unfortunately my camera decided to crap out about 1 minute into the test so I didn't get the whole thing.

Siren of rocket attack goes off in the midst of interview in Southern Israel

Channel: Sivan R & Total View: 35862

Add Date: November 19, 2012, 12:46 pm & Duration: 00:02:03

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In the midst of my interview today in Southern Israel, a siren went off and we all ran for shelter. This is real stuff, from the scene, caught live, this is reality in Israel. Unedited.
[It will later be edited and inserted into my story. Here's the unedited clip.]

Honolulu tests nuclear attack warning sirenHonolulu tests nuclear attack warning siren
00:01:50December 1, 2017, 7:15 pm
Honolulu tests nuclear attack warning siren

Channel: Star-Advertiser & Total View: 14689

Add Date: December 1, 2017, 7:15 pm & Duration: 00:01:50

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Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Hawaii news, Star-Advertiser, Honolulu news, Oahu news, 808 news, nuclear attack, North Korea, Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump, Hawaii, siren, warning, nuclear missile

The City and County of Honolulu tested a nuclear attack warning siren for the first time since the Cold War. (Video Steven Tonthat, Interview Allison Schaefers)

00:03:49October 6, 2018, 2:28 pm

Channel: e57michel & Total View: 819

Add Date: October 6, 2018, 2:28 pm & Duration: 00:03:49

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siren, german siren, Tiefton Sirene, WW2 fire siren, WW2 siren, Siemens Sirene, WW2 Siemens Sirene, german siemens siren, Siemens Tiefton Sirene, Sirene

As every year on the 1st saturday on October there is a big siren-check in Austria. In this video you can see/hear an old&rusty electro-mechanical "WW2 FIRE SIREN" constructed by Siemens in the 30ies.
This old guy is over 80 years old but for today very loud in action.

Attack-signal here in this video goes for 1 minute.
Purpose for population: "Danger for population" !!!
- Seek out immediately for protective areas or premises
- Observe or follow the behavioral guidelines given on TV or radio

Look for the other 3 important siren-signals which were triggered on 6th of October every 15 minutes:
Short siren test for 15 s:

Pre-alerting: 3 min continuous siren-tone:

ALL CLEAR: 1 min continuous siren-tone:

Nuclear Attack Siren Test Sounds Across Hawaii (Dec. 1, 2017)

Channel: Big Island Video News & Total View: 61321

Add Date: December 1, 2017, 2:57 pm & Duration: 00:00:57

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ONLY A TEST. More info here:

ACA P50 Siren (Kenosha, WI) Attack mode!ACA P50 Siren (Kenosha, WI) Attack mode!
00:02:18June 16, 2018, 11:05 am
ACA P50 Siren (Kenosha, WI) Attack mode!

Channel: Sirens Of SE-WI & Total View: 581

Add Date: June 16, 2018, 11:05 am & Duration: 00:02:18

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aca, p50, american, signal, attack, dual toned, t-135, tornado, siren, test, kenosha, county, wisconsin, bullen, middle, school, trump, kim jong un, emergency, ef5, hail, vortex, north korea, lebron james

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Date: 6/16/18
Time: 1030am
Location: Bullen Middle School, Kenosha, WI
Siren(s): ACA P50
Cycle: Attack, 1 min
Recording Device: Sony HDR-CX240

Sentry 10V2T Siren Alert/Attack TestSentry 10V2T Siren Alert/Attack Test
00:05:22September 1, 2010, 4:46 pm
Sentry 10V2T Siren Alert/Attack Test

Channel: JPa311979 & Total View: 143630

Add Date: September 1, 2010, 4:46 pm & Duration: 00:05:22

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Sentry, Siren, 10V2T I recorded this at 1PM September 1st 2010 at Victoria St. and 694 in Shoreview, Minnesota. Sentry 10V2T. Here is a Sterling Y-10, has the same 8/16 port ratio: Facebook: The siren sounds for Tornadoes, severe storms and for civil defense.

3T22 Alert/Attack Test3T22 Alert/Attack Test
00:05:41August 5, 2009, 6:12 pm
3T22 Alert/Attack Test

Channel: JPa311979 & Total View: 2796772

Add Date: August 5, 2009, 6:12 pm & Duration: 00:05:41

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Federal, Signal, 3T22, Alert, Attack, Test, Tornado, Siren, Crystal

Start 1:00 min.Federal Signal 3T22 siren located in Crystal, MN U.S.A. 42nd Ave. N and Douglas Dr. N.10/12 port siren. Attack signal starts at 3:00 min. The siren sounds for Tornadoes, severe storms, fire call and for civil defense. Located between the Crystal Police Department 4141 Douglas Dr N, Minneapolis, MN 55427 and the Rockford Road Library 6401 42nd Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55427. Here is my 2017 video of this siren in 5 minute alert:

12/July/2014 - 21:07 p.m. Hamas' Massive Attack on Tel Aviv. 2 sirens in a row.

Channel: D. Martynov & Total View: 150490

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Tel Aviv, 12/07/2014, Israel Under Hamas Rockets Fir, Hamas (Political Party), sirens, explosions, rockets, Gaza, Gaza Strip (Administrative Division), Gaza War (Military Conflict), Gaza--Israel Conflict (Military Conflict), street, sky, missile, Iron Dome, Israel (Country), Israel Defense Forces (Armed Force), Israeli--Palestinian Conflict (Film Subject)

12/July/2014 - 21:07 p.m. Hamas' Massive Attack on Tel Aviv. Two rocket sirens in a row, explosions heard overhead.
"Iron Dome" anti-missile system intercepted few rockets over the Tel Aviv metropolitan area. The video been shot from my apartment window...

Previously at 20:00 Hamas been issued their statement: «Hamas will be releasing a "fierce missile strikes" on Tel-Aviv in one hour, 9:00 p.m. Israel time».

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